Technical Data
  B-300 B-440 B-600 B-700
Mode of Operation
Load Capacity 35lbs 50lbs 62lbs 80lbs
Capacity per hour 44-50lbs/hr 63-70lbs/hr 81-90lbs/hr 94-101lbs/hr
Volume 79 gal 116 gal 145 gal 184 gal
Diameter 35.4 in 39.4 in 43.7 in 43.7 in
Depth 18.7 in 22 in 22.4 in 28.7 in
Diameter loading door 13.8 in 19.7 in 19.7 in 19.7 in

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1 Stainless steel construction
2 High spinning construction
3 Free running drum mounting
4 Frequency inverter
5 Direct drive without belt
6 3 tanks with double inclined tank bottoms, deep drain points, rinse injection
7 High performance solvent pump
8 Automatic solvent cooling above refrigerator
9 Integrated vacuum-distillation
10 Button trap
11 Automatic door-locking
12 Electronic controlled drying system include an intelligent drying device (dry logic pro®)
13 Heat recovery
14 Touch panel
15 Analog handling
of machine data (air, water, steam, pump,
filter pressure, pressure from the refrigeration, temperature of the solvent, water, distillation, drum in- and outlet, running time, operation time)
16 Integrated security pan